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Anime2 – Mobile Friendly!

After the latest update to the site, I got a few messages from people who read the blog on-the-go and were having problems with access and readability. So, I had a look around the WP Plugins Directory to see if there was anything that would help. I came across the WordPress Mobile Pack that cured the problem instantly! No more waiting for flash videos that don’t work properly, no more waiting for large image files to load that take up precious bandwidth allowance – now it’s just a simple interactive interface that is easy to read on your mobile… This clever little package has a function that knows if you’re reading the blog on a mobile device, so there’s no need to manually switch and there’s no interruption of service on the site’s main page. I hope it helps all 3 of you!!!
Props to James Pearce & friends for the plugin pack.

New Look…

At last, my web server host has finally sorted out a great many issues with my access to the server and has also rectified some issues with security too – which is nice… So the site can finally be cut over to the new style that’s been undergo rigorous testing (!) for the last couple of months. This is somewhat of a transition period so expect a few glitches here and there but hopefully the kinks should be ironed out over the next week or so.
As for the looks, well, the banner isn’t finalised and the ad for LoSwag is lame, I know, but until I can spend some time putting something decent together, this will have to do. I’ve also got to get a new default image sorted for posts without thumbnails. I’m pretty sure I’ll get done for copyright if I’m not careful! Which reminds me, ignore the image on the right here, I just slapped it in there to see if the thumbnail automation was working… which it is… All the tags and links to the social sites will be updated as time goes on, not only do I have to dig out all the memberships but I have to figure out whether I want them on there or not…

The theme is fantastic, right? I was looking all over for a ‘magazine’ style template but could only find premium themes that had starting prices of about $60. I wasn’t about to shell out money on a theme without knowing it’s shelf life. WP upgrades so often, I’d hate to pay good money and find it not be compatible.
Anyway, the theme is called WPBoxedTech and is by izwan00 over at Technology Tricks.

As for comments, well, they’re kind of disabled. I thought I’d shut them off completely but I’m still getting a few spam comments every day. For the time being, if you want to comment you need to become a subscriber. Once you’re membership is confirmed you are free to post what you like… so you can either subscribe or send me an email and we’ll take it from there…

Now that the theme is a little less cluttered it seems to be a lot more ad heavy. I assure you it’s not, it’s exactly the same but I think a bit of clipping is in order so expect a few less sponsors visible in the near future… or maybe just the size of the ads might change, I dunno… I’ll think about it … In the meantime, welcome to the new and improved, powering your need for all things Asian Cinema and Geek and Otaku related gumpf… cool ne?

Too Much Spam

I’ve had to disable comments from people that don’t register. Overnight I received over 2,000 spam comments, mostly from Russia and Turkey, and I just don’t have the energy to sift through them to see if any are legit – which I doubt, can’t remember the last time I had a legit comment on this site…
I’ve also disengaged Dave’s Spam Karma 2 as well, I really liked this little plugin but Akismet that comes pre-packed with WP seems to be doing the job on my other sites so I’ve succumbed…

Coming Soon

LoLyfe will be back soon, after a long stint of lethargy and other issues involving hacking attacks, the site will be updated later this week, so keep ‘em peeled.

New site design to be implemented before month end. Hopefully I can weed out the problems I’m having with some code and get the new and improved look running. Plus I’ve got to check whether the template I’ve gone with is going to be compatible with WP 2.8.5

Back catalogue of reviews. I’ve watched a truck load of flicks over the past month or so, so expect a few decent recommendations…

WP 2.8.4 Update

I was happily pounding away at my keyboard yesterday when suddenly I was bumped back to my login screen for my site. Confused, I typed in my details and my password was denied. Then an email appeared in my inbox with a new password. Strange…
Today, whilst checking the dashboard admin at the Ironical Chronicle, a security release update notice appeared at the top of the screen. On reading the details of this release I found that I was indeed attacked and the vulnerability of 2.8.3 was actually used against me!

WordPress writes:

Yesterday a vulnerability was discovered: a specially crafted URL could be requested that would allow an attacker to bypass a security check to verify a user requested a password reset. As a result, the first account without a key in the database (usually the admin account) would have its password reset and a new password would be emailed to the account owner. This doesn’t allow remote access, but it is very annoying.


I updated straight away and then bounced over here to do the same, however – it seems as though the upgrader isn’t working…

Clean Up

I’ve just spent the day clearing up the Categories for the whole site. It’s still not as stream-lined as I would have wished but it’s a lot simpler to navigate now if you use the category drop down menu that’s now available in the sidebar.
These does seem to have done strange things to the Comments widget though, sorry about that…

Feedback welcome…

Vacation Over…

… Back to work … however, WP doesn’t seem to want to play nicely … it may be a couple of days until I can suss out what gives …

Upcoming DVD reviews consist of:

Detroit Metal City (2008)
Still Walking (2008)
Love in Magic (2005)
Electric Dragon 80,000 Volts (2002)
Suspect X (2008)
Mandate (2008)
My Sister, My Love (2007)
IP Man (2008)
Attack The Gas Station (1999)
Late Bloomer (2004)
Tenkousei Sayonara Anata (2007)
Hello Schoolgirl (2008)
My Little Bride (2004)
6ixtynin9 (1999)
ESP Couple (2008)
Antique (2008)
My Mothers Love (2008)
Double Agent (2003)
Don’t Laugh at my Romance (2008)
Ashes of Time REDUX (2008)
Starlight High Noon (2005)
Koa (Face) (2000)
Messengers (1999)
Sleepless Town (1998)
1724 Hero (2008)
Classic Anime: Roujin-Z (1991)
Nanayomachi (2008)
Sharkskin Man and Peach Hip Girl (1998)

Blu-ray reviews:

Connected (2009)
House of Fury (2008)
SHAMO (2008)

I’m not ignoring you, honest!

I was sitting here this evening thinking how quiet things have been in The Towers just recently. So I thought I’d check to see who was online … low and behold my Windows Live Messenger wasn’t running. On attempting to start it up … nothing happened!
I’m in the process of re-installing the whole thing but it doesn’t seem to be happening today… but just to clarify, I’m not ignoring you… honest!

You may want to check out – my personal blog has moved to here…

Showing My Age

Something different today – although it’s kind of Film related…

Gary Numan‘s ‘The Pleasure Principle‘ reaches the grand old age of 30 this year. To celebrate, he’s dedicating an entire show to the album at the Manchester Academy on November 21st. More information can be found at his official website: nuworld
As a little reminder of how loud and awesome the dude is, check out this video from of a recent Numan gig in Sydney – and also check out the rest of the gig for free!


So much for keeping the site up-to-date. As soon as I promised to do so, the Migraine Monster came out of hibernation and started to brand my brain.
This all started on Saturday, today is the first day I’ve ventured any further than my bed, so I’ll try and get something done later on… Probably a review or something …


Ok, it’s not really an excuse for not writing anything for a month (or more!) but the site was a little bit behind the times (on the back end side of things). The latest WordPress release was touted to have had a few issues with certain plugins that I use and I wanted to make sure that it would all work ok. I could have done this ages ago, but with my carbon footprint stomping all over the North Sea region, I’ve had little or no time to actually sit down and spend any quality time with the site. So today I decided that I would, at last, just go for it. All backups complete and the WP DB has been upgraded. I’ve had a little fiddle and it all seems to be tickety-boo! So, onwards and upwards my friends … it’s gonna non-stop fun and mayhem from here on out!!!