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Gloves That Work With Touchscreen?

This is cool…

Anyone knows that in the winter-time it can be a a real pain in the butt getting your smartphone or portable touchscreen device to work when you have gloves on. Fiddling about with one glove in your mouth, the other under your armpit just so you can send a text?
Fingerless gloves are my solution – but the drawback is cold fingers. Another solution I have seen is a fingerless glove/mitten mash-up – pretty clever. But now there is something new, something that will make all the hassle go away.. it’s a liquid?

A company in Japan called Onsight has released a revolutionary product that by adding a few drops to the fingertips of the glove makes them touchscreen friendly.
The product is called Tebu-Touch (tebu coming from “tebukuro,” the Japanese word for gloves), and Onsight explain that, “Although the liquid may create the sensation that your touch screen has moisture upon it, the liquid will not damage the screen in any way.”

via Japan Today

KoBiz App

KoBiz iPhone App

KoBiz App

I found this great little app advertised on the KOFIC website.

The KOBIZ application provides a wide range of information about Korean films, film makers, actors/actresses, companies, film festivals, and industrial news. You can also find Korean film information, trailers, who’s who, and news and reports. KOBIZ is now available at App Store.
1) Korean Film / people / company
KOBIZ is a useful resource where you can easily find information about Korean films, Korean filmmakers, actors/actresses and film companies in Korea.

2) News & Report
You can easily access to news and reports that KOFIC provides.

3) Screening Schedule of Art House Films and Films with subtitled
You can get screening information of art house films and films with subtitled (foreign language) in Korea.

4) International Film Festivals & Markets
You can get information about film festivals and markets in Korea.

5) Box Office
Statistics and weekly & yearly Box Office.

Sony Unveils Waterproof Walkman

Sony Walkman NWD-W253The new Sony Walkman NWD-W253 is this nice looking waterproof effort. It has a 4GB capacity giving in the region of 12 hours worth of tunes. It’s all bundled up in the headphones which will connect directly to your PC. Sony’s target market is those that pursue outdoor sports activities.

The product uses Sony’s ZAPPIN technology that enables the fast-forwarding of tracks audibly. When you hear the track you want, you push the relative button and it will automatically navigate to the start of the song.

Sharp Adding TV with Blu-ray recorder – built in

The Sharp Corporation have announced that it will be adding eight new models of its DX range of LED AQUOS TV’s and they will have Blu-ray disc recorders built in.
These are to be released primarily to the Japanese market at first, but fingers crossed it won’t be long before they reach our high streets. And I suppose you’d better cross your toes that the price is going to be within reach!

Forgive me…

Ads have appeared… I know, I did promise myself I’d never do it but in my current financial situation I just can’t not.
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