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Didn’t See This Coming: Disney Buys Marvel

Maybe it’s because I’m still suffering with Far East Jaunt withdrawal, but my geek radar seems to be a bit out of whack. Whilst perusing the British broadsheets online today, I came across this little article in the finance section that not only shocked me, but made me hit every comic book web site I could find to disprove it! But, alas, it was true. Disney has indeed bought out Marvel for $4 Billion …

Disney’s chief executive, Bob Iger, said Marvel had a “treasure trove” of intellectual property that “transcends gender, age, culture and geographical barriers”.

“There are so many opportunities to mine both characters that are known and characters that are not widely known,” Iger said.

Marvel’s chairman, Mort Handel, described Disney as a “perfect home” for his company’s library of characters. “Both companies have their roots in great storytelling and innovative artistry,” he said.

Update Sep 2nd ’09: The Guardian Online has another article: Why Disney’s Marvel Takeover May Save Superheroes


So, catching up on all things with comic-geeky-goodness and I come across this little article at


Announced at the San Diego Comic Con, Marvel told an astonished crowd that it had gotten the rights to Marvelman. This title has been in limbo for almost an eternity with creators such as Dez Skinn, Alan Moore, Todd McFarlane, to name but a few, all boasting ownership of the franchise. As it turned out, the original creator Mick Anglo who first created the comic back in 1954 had the final say, and that, as they say, is that. Micky Moran is now part of the Marvel family!!

Let’s just pray that they don’t try and weave him into the time-line like they did with The Sentry … hated that…

Sam Jackson in 9 Picture Deal for Marvel!

That’s right, 9 picture deal!
So we all know that he’s going to pop up in Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers. I should imagine he will have his own Nick Fury pic too, add this to the sequels that are bound to happen and you have a mouth watering collection of Fan Boy fodder.
Oooooh, hope they do Secret Wars …..

[sourced from Twitch]

Tuesday October 23, 2007

My alarm goes off at 7. I hit the snooze button every 8 minutes until nearly 8 o’clock. At that point I remember that I have to do quite a bit in the next 30-40 minutes so that when I get home this afternoon all I have to do is pick up my bag and exit stage right.
A quick coffee, breakfast and shower and I’m on the bus, wet hair and all, arriving at Jobbcentrum five minutes late. This works out in my favour though. The room that I usually have to sit in is full – no room at the inn for Lo. I’m ushered along the corridor to a large, spacious room with only 9 computer workstations and people with enough air for 10. w00t! Not only that, but it’s so widely spread out that no one can see what I’m doing, so instead of the usual plowing through Monster looking for work that just doesn’t exist, I’m able to catch up on a bit of blogging… which is nice.

I mentioned that I’m catching up on some reading in my last few posts. Last year, Marvel Comics had a major event called Civil War. Since becoming a single dude a good few years ago you’d have thought that most of my time would have been spent reading comics… nope. I bought loads of ‘em, just never got around to reading them. So this last weekend I decided that I would at last read the Civil War saga from start to finish. There are around 140 books in all and I get about 70 issues in when I hit a Daredevil book. DD hasn’t been too prominant in the sage up to now but there’s a few things mentioned in the issue that I’m surprised by. Of course, being 4 years behind on DD is the reason for this. So, I go to one of my many storage boxes and get out my Daredevil collection and start to read …

Marvel Civil War

God I love the funny books…

Mike Wieringo 1963 – 2007

Whilst not a massive fan of ‘Ringo’s‘ art, there was definitely a place for it in todays fascination with the Mangaesque.
I think the first time I was aware of Mike’s work was back in 96 when he was pencilling Spider-Man. I wasn’t impressed with the chance that Marvel took at the time, to me it was too ‘cartoony’ and I felt that it didn’t suit Spidey at all. After that he popped up doing work for the then imprint of Image, Wildstorm/Cliffhanger. The comic book ‘Tellos’ was in a batch of comics I purchased when Jim Lee’s Wildstorm was kicking arse on the semi independent comics front. Everything and everyone involved in that awesome period for comics has a lot to thank the people at Wildstorm/Cliffhanger for. People like Humberto Ramos, J.Scott Campbell, Chris Bachalo, Joe Madureira et al, made comics dynamic, interesting and desirable again. Problem was, they brought with it the variant collectable issues that almost killed comics off for good too.
However, that didn’t happen and all the guys involved in that early endeavour moved on to massive things at Marvel and DC, Ringo was to become a mainstay at Marvel and came back to visit Spider-Man on occasion but will probably be remembered for his work on Fantastic Four.
Ringo, only a few years my senior, died of a massive heart attack back in August. To lose such a talent at such a young age is truly a tragedy. Comics fans will definitely miss his unmistakable art work and that great little signature at the bottom of the page.
Rest in peace Ringo!

Web Head by Ringo!

Pain(ful)killer Jane

I don’t usually post reviews and such but something irritated the heck out of me today that I just felt pressed to post about.
A good few years back I got heavily into a Palmiotti/Quesada comic called Painkiller Jane. The storyline and art were awesome and I was sad to see it’s eventual demise as the creators began their takeover of the comics world. Then a couple of years ago the Sci-Fi channel made a TV Movie based on the comic. This was poorer than dire but for some reason it made it’s presence felt enough for Sci-Fi to produce a series. I’ve just watched the first three episodes and I have to say that it fails to live up to any kind of mark set by the comic and production wise it looks cheap. The three story lines that have been done suck, the characters suck, the effects suck – in fact the show sucks. But I so want it to be cool… I’ll keep watching in the hope that it improves but I’m not gonna hold my breath…

Full of Geeky Goodness

Do you have a favourite time of the month? Yeah, me too. On or around the 15th of every month I get a little brown package delivered from overseas… and it’s full of Geeky Goodness… I am of course referring to my monthly supply of comics. If you’ve been reading the blog for the last couple of weeks you’ll know that I’ve been a bit squiffy – no time for comics. But today, I finally got around to getting to the box that his been sitting in my hallway.
I’m a ‘Marvel Man’ so-to-speak, DC never really did it for me ‘Universe-wise’. The Marvel Universe, whilst sometimes opting to nip off to other galaxy’s for a bit of war, is always set in and around the real setting of New York, New York, which give it a hint of realism. Also, the characters have always been more human.
However, as with all geeks, I suppose I have a deep affection for Kal-El and Mr Wayne, but too much of a good thing can be a bit spaz. A few years back I was deeply hooked on the Batman saga ‘No Man’s Land’, but after a year of this run I was left feeling a little bit… conned. So I hid the keys to the Bat Cave away for a long, long while and have to to revisit it. But something that comes out of DC now that I have always thought was bloody awesome is Wildcats. Yeah, any Geek worth his weight knows that the Wildstorm comic was an imprint of Image/Cliffhanger etc, but sold out to DC. At the time I was mortified… but this month the first issue of Volume 4 of Grant Morrison and Jim Lee’s run on Wildcats arrived.
For the first time in absolutely ages I got goosebumps when revealing this comic from the rest of the pack. And after I’d finished reading the closing lines by Grifter? ooooooo, major goosey’s baby….
I love comic day…

Artistic Differences: Daredevil DC

You know, it never fails to make me wonder what goes through a Producers head when he decides to release a film that doesn’t meet with the Director’s artistic approval. Daredevil is a great example; the theatrical release and the ‘Director’s Cut DVD’ were so amazingly different it was like watching two separate films.
I’ve just finished watching the ‘Unrated Director’s Edition’ of Miami Vice and… oh my god… what gives? The blurb at the beginning lets us know that this version of the film is different from that of the theatrical release. The changes? Well, major story enhancements and plot points. Mood setters and character development… How did Mann let the version out that was seen at cinema’s – the dude produced the flick as well!?!
Anyway, I recommend that you see the Unrated version if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet – it will make much more sense. For those who have seen it and thought it was crap, give this version a try. It won’t change your mind completely, but I think it’ll lay to rest the beast that was given the marker of “Oh My God – A Miami Vice Film!!!” For those that saw it and thought it was cool… watch this, it’ll blow you away…

Painkiller Jane TV Show

Newsarama reports that the rather wonderful comic by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti has been optioned by the Sci-Fi channel for a 22 episode series, starting in January. [full story here]
This was a comic that I picked up by mistake a good while back when I lived in the UK. Dynamic Forces had a show on QVC that I used to catch, mainly to pick up signed issues of comics that I thought would be a good investment (those were the days, money and no worries ..). In a ‘Pot Luck’ batch of comics I bought, Painkiller Jane was in amongst them, this was the first time I saw Joe Quesada’s work as an artist. Since then, Joe Q has gone on to slightly bigger things (Editor in Chief at Marvel), and Palmiotti can be seen all over the place working on various projects. Sci-Fi are gonna diddle with the back story a little bit, but it still seems okay. They also broadcast a TV Movie of the same name last year, which has yet to be shown on UK Sci-Fi, if you’ve seen it, post here and let me know what you think…

Man Without Fear

… not me, Daredevil.
For years I’ve been using a web site for research, general info and continuity of the Daredevil comics. I don’t know why I’ve never registered at the site, maybe my built in aversion to web communities has something to do with it. But Janos told me something a while back that’s kind of stuck with me, he said:
“Dude, you got no mates, making friends with someone on the internet is your last chance!”
Joke. What he actually said was,
“They don’t know you, they can’t see you, what have you got to be afraid of?”
“I’m not afraid, it just weirds me out!”
“I dunno, it just does …”
I think the thing that didn’t help me very much was taking the plunge and joining a community for Japanese culture. Being a massive fan of Manga, Anime and Japanese film for about twenty five years – I thought it might be cool to actually speak and get to know some Japanese people. This totally back fired when I started to get ‘Smiles’ sent from the community site I signed up to. On checking, I noticed that by signing up I’d also enrolled in some kind of internet meeting place that didn’t offer the services I was after. Not only that, none of the ‘smiles’ I was getting was from anyone remotely oriental! That freaked me out. What was I supposed to do? I couldn’t reply to theses women, not even to say -“Thanks, but no thanks”, which Janos didn’t understand either. So I ended up ignoring it. I don’t get as many smiles now, but hey, who needs ‘em right?
But now, I can see what he meant. So, I’ve carefully chosen a community that if they send me anything at all, it will be geek news on the latest comic I love.

I’d suggest that if you like comics and like Daredevil, like me, go check out Man Without Fear .com, and if you like it – sign up. Go on, what are you afraid of?

Venomous Rumours …

Biff (Ace Comics) is good enough to drop a copy of the latest Wizard magazine in with my monthly order. I go through phases with this mag, it’s written in a way that it takes the piss out of itself and everything else in the comics industry, but still manages to remain ‘Fanboy’ at heart. This can get a bit boring after a while, so I don’t subscribe to it. However, every few months I’ll get one to see what’s happening and this month is a good issue to catch up on all that’s Spider-Man 3. The teaser poster has been released and Spidey sits in the rain on a rooftop in … yep … a black costume (sneak peak at the official web site here)! Any Fanboy worth their salt will know what this could mean … Venom. Which is totally weird as the rumour mill has the hero facing The Hobgoblin and The Sandman in the 2007 flick. Although some interesting facts that have surfaced put Topher Grace of ‘That 70’s Show‘ fame in the frame for Eddie Brock – Sony won’t confirm this, but the rumour is strong enough for IMDB to put him in the part. Other rumours suggest that Raimi won’t be doing any further installments of the Spider-Man franchise, and because of this his last offering will be an all out slug fest with plenty of CGI effects … especially surrounding The Sandman, which I can’t wait for! But I suppose the biggest Fanboy revelation is that Gwen Stacey appears in the cast list! Raimis’ attempts at keeping to the continuity of the book have been pretty awesome, apart from the glaring omission of Gwen as Peter Parkers’ love interest from the start. How he plans to mix it up in this movie remains to be seen, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Peter and MJ’s relationship maybe heading for rough water …

Oooooo Unrated !!

Elektra Director's Cut

Yeah, I know, I’m broke. But some things in life are more important than food. Like Director’s Cut DVD’s of Jennifer Garner (my mate) in Elektra. That’s way I’m writing this with a grin on my face, as in todays post my eagerly awaited DVD arrives!
So after my gym session and subsequent physio appointment, I’ll be closing the blinds and getting down to some serious Garner Gazing …
My hopes are that this flick will kick the theatrical releases arse, the same as the Daredevil Director’s Cut did. It wasn’t recieved that well on release, and to date it still only scores a meager 5.1 on IMDB. I actually thought that the film was okay. It had it’s bad points, but so do all films adapted from comic books (except the X-Men franchise, which totally rocks).
I’ll write more after I’ve seen it …

Out of Commission

My day’s been spent mainly sitting around reading. I was paid yesterday, which meant I could stock the cupboards and fridge, but my back is giving me so much trouble I decide that Sunday would be okay to do the grocery shopping. I’ve got enough tea in stock to last a week, and as the Chinese proverb goes – “Drinking a daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary.” So with a bit of luck, after the amount I’ve been drinking today, I shouldn’t need pain killers for ages!!

Geek stuff:
If you get a chance to read Y – The Last Man I highly recommend it. I’ve just finished reading the first 20 or so issues, and I’m hooked. Crazy plot about a global plague wiping out everyone and everything with a Y chromosome except one dude and his monkey.

[contains spoilers]Jet Li’s new flick Fearless is worth a watch too. I’m not a big Li fan, but I have to admit that after seeing Hero I was sorta converted. I’ve picked up a few of his better known ‘classic’ flicks (the Once Upon a Time in China saga, Fist of Legend etc,) and thoroughly enjoyed them, but last years ‘Danny the Dog‘ (aka Unleashed) was a disappointment. So I approached Fearless with a little apprehension. It’s clever on a couple of levels, the first act is a string of fights (choreographed by Yeun Woo-Ping of Matrix fame), and it takes a while for the second act to get going. Not because it’s slow, but because the fights take up a lot of time! Then the story gets moralistic after Li’s characters mother and daughter are murdered. And finally ends where you expect, so no real surprises. Saying that, I enjoyed it enough to give it a recommendation. So hire the DVD if you get a chance.

Whilst being out of commission for the day, it gave me a chance to catch up on some DVD watchage. The Pioneer accepted donations in the form of ‘Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit‘ and ‘Derailed‘, the latter of which was not really what I was expecting but was okay. W & G however, rocked!

Spidey Travesty

I’m a die hard Spider-Man fan. And when Marvel decides to mess about with history it really bugs me. The Amazing Spider-Man has proven to be the most popular comic since it’s inception back in ’63 – so why mess with it? The latest events in the Marve Universe aside, I cannot believe that Joe Q – in his infinite wisdom to date – would give the go ahead to not only killing Spidey off, but rebirthing him with different powers and then getting Tony Stark to design him a new costume … I mean it was bad enough when he moved into Stark Towers with The New Avengers!!
I’m sorry, but this had better improve – I can’t see many other die hard fans putting up with this shite, I reckon there’ll be a back lash pretty quickly ….
And what’s with the extra legs?????????????

ASM 529

[image poached from Mile High Comics ...]

Ramos on Wolverine!


Ramos Wolverine #42

Humberto Ramos is set to take over the artists reigns on Woverine from issue 42. Now you either love or loathe this guy, personally I think he rocks as an artist. His style is sort of a cross between Manga and trad Super Hero stylings and the detail is awesome.
What sucks about this is that I ditched getting Wolvie about 6 issues ago, so I’ve got a big old gap in the collection … never mind, I’ll try and pick up some back issues …