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Tsunami Harley

Tsunami Harely to be preserved at Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee

Tsunami HarleyAt the beginning of this month, a 2004 Harley-Davidson FXSTB Softail Night Train washed up on the shores of Graham Island, British Columbia. What made this remarkable was that it was owned by Ikuo Yokoyama, who lives in Japan. The bike was washed out to sea amidst the tsunami that hit Japan back in March 2011.
Canadian Peter Mark discovered the Harley at low tide more than a year after the disaster, along with some other contents of a cargo container and it made headlines the world over. Now, after Harley-Davidson have offered to repatriate the bike, Yokoyama has politely declined and requested the bike be preserved in the Harley-Davidson Museum in honour of those who lost their lives or have been forever changed by the disaster.
Yokoyama is still trying to piece together his life after the tragic event and is currently in temporary housing in Miyagi Prefecture.

“It is truly amazing that my Harley-Davidson motorcycle was recovered in Canada after drifting for more than a year,” Yokoyama said, “I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to Peter Mark, the finder of my motorcycle. Due to circumstances caused by the disaster, I have been so far unable to visit him in Canada to convey my gratitude.

“Since the motorcycle was recovered, I have discussed with many people about what to do with it. I would be delighted if it could be preserved in its current condition and exhibited to the many visitors to the Harley-Davidson Museum as a memorial to a tragedy that claimed thousands of lives. I am very grateful to Harley-Davidson for offering me an opportunity to visit the museum, and I would like to do that when things have calmed down. At the same time, I would like to meet Peter, who recovered my motorcycle, to express my gratitude. Finally, I would like to thank all people around the world once again for their wholehearted support of the areas hit by the earthquake and Tsunami. I would like to ask them to help convey messages from the Japanese people about the tragedy of the Great East Japan Earthquake, which was a disaster of historic proportions.”

A truly remarkable sentiment, I think…

Secret Reunion

S Korea: Movie Audience Decreases – Sales Soar [3D or Not 3D?]

Secret Reunion
Secret Reunion
Interesting news this week from KOFIC about the state of cinema ticket sales. Whilst the first half of 2010 has seen a decrease in audience attendance, the total ticket sales amount has sky-rocketed compared to the same period last year.
The reason behind this seems to be James Cameron’s fault, though. Apparently since July 2009 the price of tickets has gone up because of the different kind of movies available – mainly 3D. And it was spearheaded by Avatar. The average ticket was 6,600 won and went up to 7,880 won and it’s mainly the blockbuster or imported Hollywood movies that are seeing to the benefit.

I personally abhore the 3D phenomenon that is currently prevalent and killing the enjoyment of full colour films as they should be seen – I can’t see the point in watching a film through a hazy and fuzzy set of sun glasses – I tested this with the latest Harry Potter, and apart from the migraine onset that it caused I thought the effect was pretty over-rated. Now this is just one man’s opinion, so don’t flame me before I’ve had a chance to really test it out in anger, but I’ll be honest and say that if I have an option of a movie in darkened, fuzzy and headache ridden 3D or full colour splendiferousness… well, I know which one I’ll be choosing…

Anime2 – Mobile Friendly!

After the latest update to the site, I got a few messages from people who read the blog on-the-go and were having problems with access and readability. So, I had a look around the WP Plugins Directory to see if there was anything that would help. I came across the WordPress Mobile Pack that cured the problem instantly! No more waiting for flash videos that don’t work properly, no more waiting for large image files to load that take up precious bandwidth allowance – now it’s just a simple interactive interface that is easy to read on your mobile… This clever little package has a function that knows if you’re reading the blog on a mobile device, so there’s no need to manually switch and there’s no interruption of service on the site’s main page. I hope it helps all 3 of you!!!
Props to James Pearce & friends for the plugin pack.


… but don’t know for how long…
Various problems with the host have meant that I’ve had no access to my server at all since about November. This means any tweaks or theme changes I’d hoped to have done – can’t be. Currently looking for a new host with facilities that match 1&1 but can speak English well enough to sort out technical and consumer related problems in a way that can both be understood and that are able to understand. At the moment 1&1 can’t do either and I’m fed up with trying.
So for the meantime I’ll try and keep the updates coming as much as possible, but don’t expect too much in the way of major changes for a while…