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Ghost in the Shell: ARISE

Ghost in the Shell: ARISE

Nowadays it takes something of pretty significant importance for me to post on Today, one of those pretty significant things has happened…

Production I.G surprised fans in January with the announcement of a new Ghost in the Shell project. We were to wait by our persocom’s for further news… Then on Tuesday I saw this via the GITS Channel on YouTube. There isn’t much in the trailer that needs translating but the basics are that this is a prequel. It’s a four part mini-series. The first instalment is to be released on June 22 in Japanese cinemas with a Blu-ray and DVD version following closely behind on July 26. Subsequent episodes will be released after that but no dates (at this point) have been leaked.

The storyline is unavoidably the origin story of the lead protagonist of the series, Motoko Kusanagi. Geek food for this comes in the form of the voice actor that spoke the last line in the original Ghost in the Shell film, where Kusanagi is placed into the cyborg body of a young girl, will be handling the voice tasks for this series.

More news will undoubtedly follow and I will be following with extreme prejudice. Stay tuned…


Review: Chinatown Kid (1977)

Set first in Hong Kong and then in San Francisco Chinatown, this Shaw Brothers classic pits studio favourite Alexander Fu Sheng against the Venom Mob.

Fu Sheng plays Tan Tung, an illegal immigrant to Hong Kong where is tries to find work to help his Grandfather. His unlucky streak starts after he saves a young girl from a prostitution ring and ends up fighting the local gangs. The gang leader frames him on a drugs charge and he has to flee Hong Kong for San Francisco. Here his luck carries on as he ends up fighting the local gangs again.

One of the better contemporary films to come out of Shaw Brothers Studios. Although the seventies look to the film has its moments. There’s a great scene where Tan Tung gazes longingly at a digital watch in a jeweller’s window, which is to become a theme through the movie . where if you own a digital watch then you’ve somehow ‘made it’.
The comedy still holds up to a certain extent and the fight scenes are of a typically good standard, although they are quite bloody and violent depending on which version of the film you watch. The added gun play (unusual for a Shaw Brothers film) adds to the Americanisation of the film but doesn’t detract from it’s genre roots.
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Coming Soon: Anthony Wong in Punished


Cult favourite and hardest working man in the Hong Kong film industry Anthony Wong, is donning our screens again, this time in the Johnnie To produced kidnap thriller Punished. Directed by Law Wing Cheong (Tactical Unit: Comrades in Arms), the film centres around Wong’s character, Wong Ho Chiu, a property developer, as his rebellious drug addled daughter is kidnapped for ransom. Chiu tasks his bodyguard, played by Richie Jen to hunt down the perpetrators.

Audience reaction from its cinema release was nothing but positive, so if you like your thrillers with a bit of an edge, then look no further than this.

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