Review: Plastic City (2008)

Plastic City [2008]
Plastic City (2008)
Set in the grimy underbelly of Sao Paolo, Yu Lik-wai’s film dissects the dynamic between a man and his adopted son as they weave through the cities counterfeit world.
A dark and mesmeric piece (shot almost entirely on green screen by the looks of it), it attempts to show the congested conflict of a city at war with itself and eventually its people.
Anthony Wong (156 projects dating back to 1984!!) plays Yuda, a man at the top of the ladder in the counterfeit market, his empire stretches far and wide and he is a friend of the people. Jô Odagiri (Azumi, Shinobi, Hazard, Adrift in Tokyo) plays Kirin, his son and right hand man. The two get caught in a web of betrayal when corrupt politicians looking for a pension pay off set Yuda up for a big fall. Spiralling into certain doom the father and son team have to fight their way out of jail, gang wars, blackmail and assassination attempts just to try and break even but things go from bad to worse as dark days arrive and they come face to face with their own mortality and destiny.

Plastic City
Plastic City
Also Known As: Dangkou | Purasutikku shiti (Japan)
Runtime: 118 min
Country: Brazil | China | Hong Kong | Japan
Language: Portuguese | Mandarin | Japanese
Subtitles: English | Traditional Chinese | Portuguese
Filming Locations: São Paolo, Brazil
Production Company: Gullane Filmes | Bitters End | Novo Films | Sundream | Xstream

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