Video: Turning Japanese – Kirsten Dunst ‘Akihabara Majokko Princess’

Remember that post back in August last year where I was going on about Kirsten Dunst displaying her CosPlay talents in Akihabara? Well the video finally has been finally upped on YouTube and here it is… have to say, I’m not the biggest Kirstin Dunst fan – but this has done a greatmany things to change my mind… Follow Kirsten as she wanders around Akihabara singing the Vapors classic – ‘Turning Japanese‘.

The video, produced by McG and Takashi Murakami (who also directed the piece) was put together for the Pop Life exhibit at the Tate Modern in London that finished it’s run this past week. The Production company has also got the video available and it can be found over at Company 3’s website. However, the site is image heavy and even if you’ve got a super-duper broadband connection it’s a real hog… Better off clicking on the vid above if you ask me!!

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