Robo-Geisha [DVD] [2009]

Mix some dire dialogue and some awful over acting and you get?

Actually you get an hour and a half of no-brainer enjoyment.

Note: May contain spoilers!

This low budget effort struggles to get off the ground plot-wise but succeeds in an opening sequence that has some of the best choreographed camera work I’ve seen just recently. This some pretty fair sword-play and some decent martial arts work and is capped off with the appearance of the protagonist Yoshie, the “Robo-Geisha” herself.
Unfortunately from then on it’s just a little bit too slow and would have benefited from a shorter ‘origin’ plot and got straight to the end battle… however, don’t let this put you off, there is still some storming CGI and a bit of blood and gore too, so it’s not all gone to pot. And, if you like your Japanese movies to be in the traditional vein (a la Godzilla), then the Robot Castle at the end should please you no end!
I have to admit, that the funniest and most deplorable part of this film was the butt-sword fight at the end.. I was in hysterics…

The film doesn’t pretend to be a work of art, it doesn’t try to be anything other than over-the-top fun, and it succeeds at that pretty well.

Robo-Geisha is available from:

Yes Asia
Amazon: Robo-Geisha [DVD] [2009]

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