Review: Punished (2011)

PunishedI have just gotten around to watching Punished, the Johnnie To produced kidnap thriller starring Anthony Wong, Richie Jen and Maggie Cheung.

A top notch cast show their chops with this gritty tale of a kidnap and ransom gone wrong. Wong shows that he is still box office draw with a great performance as a real estate developer Wong Ho Chiu, whose wayward daughter is kidnapped for a hefty HKD$50 Million pay off. Chiu entrusts his loyal bodyguard Yiu Kai Chor (Richie Jen) to track down and take out each of the perpetrators involved in the botched kidnapping but he has to live with his decisions as Yiu keeps him appraised every step of the way.

Director Law Wing Cheong (Tactical Unit – Comrades in Arms), does a brilliant job keeping the camera moving and our interests in check as the story takes turn after turn and you’re left wondering what the next twist will be.

The only drawback to this great thriller for me was the score. Nothing special and at times left me wanting more of a thriller edge to it. That being said it didn’t detract from what was a most enjoyable hour and a half.

Yes Asia, as always, has the goods:

There is also a US DVD release available, but I would definitely recommend the Blu-ray (quality and price). Check out the trailer below:

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