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I think not having a schedule now that my presence at Jobbcentrum is no longer required, has given my body a chance to reboot. This might be an excuse for being utterly lazy though, but I’m definitely resting a little more and I think it’s helping my creative juices flow a little easier.
That being said, I’ve done nothing creative for two days… why? I’ll tell ya…

I usually refrain from chatting Manga and Anime on the site because I know my regular readers aren’t all that interested in it. But every now and then a Manga or Anime will pop up and I’ll be addicted for life.
My introduction to it all was completely by mistake when I was a wee pup. I was standing with Dad in the Chinese take away and noticed a Chinese comic sitting amongst the newspapers. Obviously I couldn’t read it but the artwork hooked me in and from then on I had more than just an interest in things from the Orient…
This lead to an interest in Manga, which was easier to get hold of than Chinese comics.
Fast Forward >> Akira appears in selected art house cinemas and then on VHS. Hooked.
Fast Forward >> Dark Horse, Viz (US) and other comics publishers get in on the act … Hooked deeper.
Now: You can’t move for Manga or Anime influence. Not that you would know if you hadn’t a clue what either was.

On a message board this weekend I came across a reference to the following Anime series':

PlayAsia | YesAsia | Official Site | Wikipedia
Burst Angel
PlayAsia | YesAsia | Official Site | Wikipedia
Dōjin Work
PlayAsia | YesAsia | Official Site | Wikipedia
Last Exile
PlayAsia | YesAsia | Official Site | Wikipedia

Yes Asia

As I mentioned, I usually don’t chat too much about this kind of stuff, however – these Anime are so cool in their own ways that they deserve some props.

Blood+ s a long and character driven story about demon vampires. There’s more to it than just that of course and it succeeds on so many levels that you’d be hard pressed to dismiss it just because of the content. At the end of this series I was pretty moved… which is quite cool considering it’s a ‘cartoon’.

Burst Angel started in an awesome way. Anything that has scantily clad chicks with big guns always goes down well (!) and this definitely lives up to it’s blurbs. However, towards the end of the series it starts to slacken off and the animation becomes quite awful. It’s been described as a train wreck but this is harsh, it’s enjoyable. An offering by the enormously talented Gonzo peeps.

Dōjin Work is a laugh a minute. Comedy Anime isn’t my thing, however this is superb. The story follows a young girl trying to be an entrepreneur in whatever she can think of. Step up her best mate who draws comics for a living.

[Dōjin is a term used for creator owned, published and sold comics/manga.]

The episodes are only 15 minutes long but are bloody funny. Well worth a watch.

Finally, tonight I’ve just started watching Last Exile. A Steampunk anime of amazing quality and style. I’m two episodes in and I’m totally blown away. It’s just awesome! Another offering from the Gonzo Studio.

Last Exile
Last Exile

I hope that by reading this I might tempt a few people to chance a watch at some anime. It’s worth the effort and you’ll be thoroughly entertained too… go on, you know you want to …

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