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LoLyfe is:Me
I’m an ex-sound man from the UK Film and TV Industry, after leaving that because of a lull in job security I became a Computer Networks Engineer. From then a Project Manager for a well known British airline.
I gave it all up for a life of poverty and desperation (also known as ‘being a writer‘).
I now live in Sweden and spend most of my time feeding my delusions of grandeur about becoming a novelist … whilst doing the occasional bit of work for selected News outlets, mainly in Japan.
On days with a ‘y’ in, I can be found at my desk in front of my PC. This is where I do most of my writing, drawing, painting and general faffing about. If I’m not there I’ll be planted in front of the telly feeding my Asian movie habit.

C.V. originally started out as just another weblog, a diary of sorts to keep friends and family apprised of what I was doing after I moved from London to Sweden. It quickly developed into a place where I would enlighten the uneducated about the wonders of Asian Culture, which is where AardvarkAsia comes in. However, this is basically a mirror until I can get enough traffic to it to cut over. My personal rants are still ongoing although a little less frequently, but they can now be read over at – The Ironicle Chronicle.

The site is based on WordPress and is hosted by 1 and1 Internet.

I have no compunction in admitting that this site is extremely untidy – but it’s a hobby. Unfortunately, with most hobbies, it costs money to run, so I implemented advertising on the site in 2008. The idea was that with the visitors I got, I would earn revenue that would keep the site in operation and with a bit of luck, also keep my in a supply of Asian media. It hasn’t really turned out that way, and I receive little to no revenue from advertising. If you are interested in advertising on the site you can contact me directly. I would ask, however, that it only be centred around Asian culture.

Photo’s, poster images, snapshots and videos are copyright to their respective owners. If you wish for any content to be taken down, please contact me and I will do so without delay.

The articles I write I do so from gleaning information from various sources. I do not have an inside line to the Asian film industry. Therefore, this information is readily available from elsewhere – so if it is incorrect I can only apologise and promise to correct it if so advised.

2nd June, 2010

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