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2014 Japanese Calendar Sale at YesAsia

It’s that time of year… 2014 calendars are now available to order from YesAsia, with the likes of AKB48, Gackt and various Anime titles including: My Neighbor Totoro, One Piece, Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan.

YesAsia is offering a 10% off sale with an extra 5% on orders over US$100.

Click on the banner to head on over to check out their stock.

2010 Terracotta Film Festival – London

Little Big Soldier
Little Big Soldier
This year’s Terracotta Far East Film Festival is back on in London. The main venue will be the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square, which will also be holding parties to celebrate the festival.

Clear your diary between the 6th to the 9th May for films from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China and Thailand.

Highlights include:

  • Jackie Chan’s Little Big Soldier
  • Bodyguards and Assassins
  • Accident
  • Fish Story (truly superb!)
  • Antique

Head on over to the official Festival website to register and to keep up-to-date with alls things Terracotta.

Review: Plastic City (2008)

Plastic City [2008]
Plastic City (2008)
Set in the grimy underbelly of Sao Paolo, Yu Lik-wai’s film dissects the dynamic between a man and his adopted son as they weave through the cities counterfeit world.
A dark and mesmeric piece (shot almost entirely on green screen by the looks of it), it attempts to show the congested conflict of a city at war with itself and eventually its people.
Anthony Wong (156 projects dating back to 1984!!) plays Yuda, a man at the top of the ladder in the counterfeit market, his empire stretches far and wide and he is a friend of the people. Jô Odagiri (Azumi, Shinobi, Hazard, Adrift in Tokyo) plays Kirin, his son and right hand man. The two get caught in a web of betrayal when corrupt politicians looking for a pension pay off set Yuda up for a big fall. Spiralling into certain doom the father and son team have to fight their way out of jail, gang wars, blackmail and assassination attempts just to try and break even but things go from bad to worse as dark days arrive and they come face to face with their own mortality and destiny.

Plastic City
Plastic City
Also Known As: Dangkou | Purasutikku shiti (Japan)
Runtime: 118 min
Country: Brazil | China | Hong Kong | Japan
Language: Portuguese | Mandarin | Japanese
Subtitles: English | Traditional Chinese | Portuguese
Filming Locations: São Paolo, Brazil
Production Company: Gullane Filmes | Bitters End | Novo Films | Sundream | Xstream

Yes Asia have the Hong Kong and Japan version of the DVD available with free shipping worldwide.


Missing Links

Recent problems with either my host or my WP configuration (my host insists that the problem was with my WP install, even though the config hasn’t changed for the last 3 years!!) meant that I wasn’t able to upload a few reviews that had pictures attached. But now the problem seems to be resolved and all those posts that I put into my drafts folder ready for publishing when it was possible to do so, well, can now be published.
So sit back and enjoy a bundle of movie reviews and Asian oriented geekyness … O(≧∇≦)O

I hope to get at least 10 pressed today, with the other 25 or so pressed over the next few days … although I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s easier said than done …

Review: Triangle

If you like Asian Cinema then this is a no-brainer. Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam, and Johnnie To combine their efforts to make one of the best Hong Kong flicks in the last few years. The story is split into three equal parts, each directed by a different one of the trio. They each brought their own production crew with them in on the project and ended up with a beautifully dark, stormy and engaging film.
As with most popular Hong Kong films, this one is about getting money in an unorthodox manner. The original idea is to hold up a jewellers in cahoots with the local triad gang. This plan goes south quick and a deeper story of betrayal, infidelity, insanity and violence erupts.
A stellar cast including Louis Koo, Simon Yam, Sun Honglei, Gordon Lam and an amazingly eerie portrayal of a mentally disturbed wife carried out by Kelly Lin.
At the time of writing this, YesAsia are offering the 2 disc DVD which comes with a desk calendar for only £8.92 – an absolute bargain for a piece or masterful film making.

Traingle [2007]

Forgive me…

Ads have appeared… I know, I did promise myself I’d never do it but in my current financial situation I just can’t not.
A small banner will be at the bottom of the sidebar to advertise a few bits on PlayAsia and links to Asian movies, games, books and comics will also take you to their web site instead of IMDB or the like. It doesn’t cost you a thing but it does give me a little bit. Not much, but the more links you click on the better it is for me.
Also, links to Amazon, which have always been on LoLyfe.com, will now be generating me earnings too. This doesn’t come in the form of actual cash – on both sites I’ve chosen to redeem whatever I earn against products they offer.
I’m also an Associate at YesAsia.com, however, this programme is a little different and I haven’t quite sussed how it works yet, in the meantime you may see the occassional banner or button or link … So if you do see a link, click it..!


Stuff That’s Cool

So I’ve finally started getting into 2007. Believe it or not, I’ve not done anything constructive since going to London over Christmas…
The last couple of days I’ve procrastinated at an extremely high level and messed about with the blog, the PC and watched plenty of telly. During this time I’ve discovered that the following things are bloody brilliant …

  • Windows Vista
  • Office 2007
  • Windows Mobile
  • Heroes (TV Show)
  • Veronica Mars (latest season)
  • My new blog theme

… and I haven’t done any work at all. I’m trying to rectify that today but I haven’t started too well. I was watching DVD’s at 4 a.m., ‘The Last Kiss‘ followed by ‘The Lake House‘. This did inspire me a little though but not on the book I’m currently working on.

The Last Kiss is the latest project that Zach Braff has been a member of. The pre-launch buzz on the net (mainly on MySpace) was huge, if not for the movie but the soundtrack too.
The film itself was pretty good. It dealt with some serious human issues of infidelity, stress and confusion. Not very uplifting but well worth a watch.

The Lake House is a remake of ‘Il Mare’, a Korean flick that when I first saw it a year or so ago I was blown away. I don’t approve of the Hollywood remake, I think it would be better to bring the original to light and give it a wider audience with publicity. But Hollywood’s inability to come up with original ideas has meant it’s turning east for inspiration. A string of remakes (The Grudge, Dark Water, Kairo (Pulse), Infernal Affairs (The Departed)) and more to come mean that the studio bosses only have to get some div to rewrite and already good script. It’s a real shame…
This particular remake with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves was pretty much exactly the same, although some of it managed to confuse me even though I knew the outcome. At least the original producers got props in the beginning credits, although I’m not too sure whether they would have been too impressed…

Monday August 28, 2006

I stay up most of the night writing in a dumb attempt to catch up on lost time. Dumb because I should really have been getting some sleep to prepare for the day. There’s nothing special going on, but I’ve made an agreement with myself to try and keep the daylight hours for working and the night for sleeping – not vice versa.
Unfortunately I don’t do a good job of this and end up writing with the Oakland game on in the background for company. This meant I had one eye on the TV and one on the book, so at 7 a.m. I looked at the clock and swore with a refined tone to accent the moment in my mind.
Tea and toast later, I hit the office to catch up with some interwub dealings but lose the taste for it after an hour. I put the news on to see what’s happening and promptly nod off.
At 14:15 my mobile goes and it’s Fredrik asking where I am. I check my diary and I have our appointment down as 15:00, an error on someones part, but who knows whose? He explains that the Physio Centre is having an ‘Open Week’ as a 15 year anniversary, and that after 4 p.m. I might be able to see him if he’s not answering too many questions. So, I hit the gym and start a new authored workout that makes me feel really sick, obviously I’m not quite fit enough to do the amount of calorie burning that I eventually achieved.
Fredrik gives my neck the once over and then I head home for a soak.

Pay day brings meat. Joy! I decide to make tonight Chili Night and spend a decent time preparing dinner, then I settle down and watch Woody Allens’ ‘Match Point‘. Glorious.
I top the evening off with another Korean import called ‘Bloody Tie‘.

Unfortunately I’m unable to update my workBlog today … not enough hours…

Back again.. kind of…

LoLyfe Dead Day, soon to be renamed to LoLyfe Dead Week…

The last week has been absolute hell. It started with a migraine of unbelievable proportions and has ended with a bout of an illness I have no idea what to call. It’s like flu, but without the snotty mess. My limbs are heavy, my internal thermometer is on constant over-heat, and my head has a Notting Hill Carnival Steel Drum Band doing it’s umpteenth encore.
So today is like a kind of recovery day, although I’ve no idea how long I’m gonna be suffering for. But as I feel okay enough to write this, I suppose I must be on the mend.
After the F1 race I head for the shower, but don’t make it past the kitchen table. I have to sit and rest for a bit, then head back to bed to watch some footy instead.
Ma sends me an sms to see how I’m doing, and needing the sympathy – I was honest. I explained about being near Death’s Door and received the needed sympathy for me to feel a tad better.

After a turkey salad sandwich, I take a bath – this makes me feel about 10 times worse than before. I now have zero energy and can’t be arsed to do anything else. I’m going to bed with a Korean film and a large cup of Horlicks…

Monday April 17th, 2006

The blog has suffered from indifference just recently. I’ve not really felt up to making the entries I usually do, for the only reason that I’ve been in a complete downer. Reading the last week or so of entries will probably make you see that, so I suppose an apology is in order. Don’t hold your breath.

I stay up to watch the Giants/Dodgers game on Channel 5. Even though I’m not in the pro-Bonds camp, I have a little soft spot for the dude as I saw him homer in San Francisco when I visited there a few years ago. This was well before all the controversy hit with his alleged steroid use.
The game has it’s ups and downs but it’s kept interesting by the fact that Janne stays up to watch it too, and we IM back and forth through the whole game. That is until the lightweight falls asleep in the middle of the 8th inning – no staying power …

After catching a few zeds, I get up and do some cleaning (it’s something to do!). Then watch the omnibus of this week’s Doctor Who on UK Gold.
I forward Janne the rough draft of the manuscript to see what he thinks of the latest chapter. He likes it, but I think he’d say that anyway. I think I’ll pass it on to my Uncle, Mike – he’s read the first drafts and has been an invaluable source of help when it comes to the book. In fact I chat with him whilst I chat with Janne for a while via IM. He’s off to Greece for a job with the Beeb and won’t be back for 3 weeks, I’ll forward it to him then.

I hit the sofa to watch a strange Japanese war film called ‘Lorelei‘. Strange because it mixes fact with fiction in a way that works in foreign film, but would never work in Hollywood.
The film is based around the exploits of a submarine crew trying to stop the Americans dropping an A bomb on Tokyo during World War II. The submarine has a unique sonar system in the form of a girl whose empathy transmits a 3D image to enable them to navigate the submarine. Yeah, sounds weird eh?

MLB on NASN is the Atlanta NY Mets game, so I head for bed and fall asleep watching it.


I get about two hours sleep before my mobile starts to ring. I pick up and it’s the dude from last week asking about advertising on the Smart car. I squint at the clock beside the bed and manage to make out 7:22 a.m. I am so out of it that I must sound like I’m coming down of a seriously bad trip – but after a couple of seconds I remember that this dude was a bit suspicious last week, so I try and go along with him for a bit. The number he’s calling from is a mobile too, which is strange in itself, if he’s calling from a company why not use the company phone? He tells me that he’s still interested in the car and I say that whilst it sounds like a pucka idea, I think it’s a bit early in the morning to have this conversation – can he call back later? Sure, no problem he says … If he does call back I’ll get some more info out of him, it all sounds a bit weird to me.
I mention it to Fredrik during my physio treatment and he agrees that it sounds like some sort of scam. He’s heard of similar things before where people set you up and take off with the car. This sounded a bit far fetched to me, but you can’t be too sure, right? But I’m getting ahead of myself …
I roll over and try to get back to sleep, but my back is having none of it. In the end I get up and sit at Lucifer for a few hours organizing files and backing up old DivX progs to DVD’s.
At 10 a.m. I attempt a short walk up to the supermarket to see if I can free my back up a bit. On getting there I realise that not bringing a rucksack with me was a bit stupid, so I just buy a carton of milk and trundle back again.
Mum calls to see why I’m not answering the phone – I explain that I wasn’t in (!) and that there’s no need to panic, then I call Pa to see what’s up. He was just trying to let me know he’d posted me a care package … Mmmmm, codeine.

I put on a film to take my mind off the pain … again. After sifting through my ‘To Watch’ pile I pick up ‘Encounters of the Spooky Kind‘, a Sammo Hung pic from 1980. I think that in the 80’s this would have been considered to be quite a good film, I don’t think it held up too well!

At 1.45 p.m. I head out to the supermarket again, this time in the car. I didn’t go out over the weekend and have yet to stock the fridge. When I get to ICA I notice the big clock on the wall showing 2.45 p.m. I put this down to a simple error and head further into the store. There I find another clock, again showing the time to be an hour ahead of what I believe it to be. The whirring sound that my brain makes must be clearly audible to the people around me as I calculate the date and onset of summer time. I put my basket down and head out the door and drive to see Fredrik – I get there with about 30 seconds to spare. We chat about various things, but todays topic was mainly about the upcoming nuptials of one of Fredrik’s friends. Have a read of Bucking Nightmare for more info on this.

On my way home I’m in two minds as to whether to hit the supermarket for a third attempt. But as I hit the turn off for said store, the queue of traffic puts me off. Instead I head home and put the kettle on for a cuppa and have a late lunch.

I speak with Janne for a bit, mainly about Asian cinema, and I put him onto a couple of things at YesAsia.com, and PlayAsia.com (cool sites). The power in my phone gives out so we have to cut it short, I really need to get a new phone, this piece of crap Telia unit is useless. I’ll add it to my list …

The title of todays post ‘OUTATIME’ was, of course, a reference to Back to the Future and my losing an hour over the weekend. I wanted to get the right spelling from the license plate of the DeLorean, so I just punched it into Google. One of the results was this site, specialising in BTTF collectibles. But what I thought was pretty darn ridiculous was the price for the plate itself … I mean you could probably buy a replica for a couple of bucks, but this baby weighs in at $2,500 !!! Jeez!

My third attempt at hitting the shops fails too, I decide to do a little washing up first and it turns into a major overhaul of the kitchen … by the time I’ve finished scrubbing it’s 10:30 p.m. and I’m starving.
Watching Asian flicks for the last few days has made me hunger for Asian food, I cook up some chicken with hoi sin, oyster sauce and a few other bits and wakitinawok … I then settle down to watch yet another Asian film, ‘Blood and Bones‘ the first time that Kitano has appeared in the lead roll in over 10 years in a movie he hasn’t directed.

Thursday December 15th, 2005

My stomach doesn’t show any signs of letting up. It’s either something I’ve eaten or I’ve caught some sort of bug.
I spend all day in bed, suffering the indignity of the ‘butt-clench-run’ to the loo every 20 minutes or so. That added to the fact that I haven’t slept properly in a few days means that I’m wiped … totally and utterly wiped.

The plumber dude turns up at about 10 a.m., I open the door in my jammies knowing that I’ll be able to stand for about 5 more seconds before I collapse – I excuse myself to the bedroom whilst he works – he understands the situation, and I pray that I don’t need the loo whilst he’s trying to get his job done. I fall back into bed and put a pillow over my head and the next thing I know it’s 6.30 p.m. I’m in two minds as to whether to get up and try and make the most of what’s left of the day, or just lay there hoping that I’ll pass out again. But waking up has it’s pit-falls, my mind starts doing the job it’s supposed to and I’m running scenarios over pointless situations. I get up in frustration and head for the kitchen to put the kettle on. My diet of tea and water for the last two days probably isn’t helping my guts any, but the thought of food just now is just not pleasant. So I make my tea and give Janne a shout to let him know I’m in no state to hold a decent conversation on the phone tonight.

I watch the news from the UK, then a bit of sport, but my mind is not interested in much. Even the fact that Roy Keane has finally signed for the GAWA’s instead of Real doesn’t bring that relief that it should.

Mum calls to tell me that Chooch finally passed today. She’s extremely upset, and it affects me quite badly too. That leaves one; poor old Luvvy, who’s as blind as a bat, has the remainder of his days without a cuddle partner. I feel awful.

I get back into bed and put the TV on to watch more junk, but I just can’t settle. So within minutes I’m up again and picking a movie to watch to see if I can get lost that way instead. I choose another Korean flick called ‘Shiri’, not a bad film but it wasn’t what I was expecting. Should have done some research before putting it on – I really wasn’t in the mood for an all guns blazing action flick. Never mind, it was good enough to take my mind of my belly and the other crap that’s getting me down at the moment.

By midnight I’m totally wasted again and I decide that bed is definitely the answer. I head in that direction knowing that it’ll be 10 minutes before I’m up again …

Wednesday August 10th, 2005

I get up early, eat some muesli and make a large ‘Bat-sized’ tea. Straight into the office and start straightening around the room. Janne is coming over on Friday night (after we spend the day in Stockholm doing the comic run and hitting the English and American shops respectively), and the room is in dire need of some attention.

I manage to get my Skype connection up and running properly, so my IP phone is working. The mic I’m using is attached to my Web Cam, but it seems to do the job – I test it by calling Janne on his cell (he’s in Linkoping on a Teachers seminar), and the echo was a bit crappy, but I sussed that if I turn the volume down on the speakers it’s not too bad.
Anyway, I’m sitting in front of Lu, waiting for Skype to transfer my contacts from Outlook, when I get a pop up message on the Skype network from someone calling themselves ‘Manning’. Below is the transcription of the chat:

Manning … says: hi
Manning … says: how are u !
LoLyfe says: ?? Sorry, do I know u?
Manning … says: no
Manning … says: it is our first talking
LoLyfe says: ok..
LoLyfe says: can i help you with something?
Manning … says: are u busy?
LoLyfe says: I’m working yes..
Manning … says: i know sorry
Manning … says: it is about 10 o’clock in Sweden
Manning … says: i only know Pitea and Helsingborg in your country
LoLyfe says: I’m actually English, but I live and work here in Sweden
Manning … says: u are great
LoLyfe says: !!Thank You!!
LoLyfe says: is there something you wanted??
Manning … says: yes
Manning … says: i am working
Manning … says: i have customers in Pitea and Helsingborg. Do you know Shenzhe?
LoLyfe says: no, but I just had a look on a map – mainland China right?
Manning … says: yes – I am in Shenzhe city
Manning … says: next to Hong Kong
LoLyfe says: That’s nice..
Manning … says: u should come to visit me here, i show you nice time my number is 00875 …

At this point I go ‘offline’ not really knowing what to say to the last comment. I sit and stare at the chat for a bit, then hit Skype to find out more about the user. I find out that she is female (phew!) and that she works for a computer components manufacturer. This has to be one of the strangest things to happen to me whilst using the internet.

I spend the rest of the day moving from room to room attempting to enjoy the clean around. I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy cleaning, but it has to be done right?
In between cleaning assignments, I hit the web site again but get totally frustrated and delete the site by mistake. Two days work all gone, and I cannot figure out for the life of me why the recycle bin didn’t do it’s job.

At around 10 ish I catch up with Big Brother and then watch ‘Bittersweet Life‘, a Korean movie from last year – totally awesome. After the flick I hit the sack and read the first 6 issues of Bone.