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Showing My Age

Something different today – although it’s kind of Film related…

Gary Numan‘s ‘The Pleasure Principle‘ reaches the grand old age of 30 this year. To celebrate, he’s dedicating an entire show to the album at the Manchester Academy on November 21st. More information can be found at his official website: nuworld
As a little reminder of how loud and awesome the dude is, check out this video from Moschcam.com of a recent Numan gig in Sydney – and also check out the rest of the gig for free!


I was gutted last November when I couldn’t get tickets for Asobi Seksu on their UK tour, however, I got an email from them this morning stating that they’re touring their latest album and will be playing the ICA next week. This fits in nicely with my trip to London to sort out the house, very short notice – sure, but I managed to secure a couple of tickets and I’ll finally be able to gaze at my shoes whilst listening to some of the trippiest Pop about at the moment.

Return of the Living Dead

I’m back – but after this latest short break I feel as though I need another longer one.
I arrived on the Eurostar into London from Paris late Thursday night – went to bed – got up – packed got to the airport just in time to get my flight to Sweden, went to bed – got up went straight to Stockholm for the Calexico gig (which was bloody awesome) and got back home at about 3 a.m. Sunday morning. At 5 I woke up with a headache, 7 this turned into a migraine…

It’s now 5 a.m. Tuesday morning and I’ve entered a dull period between throwing up and having my head caved in by what seems to be a massive hammer drill. I thought I’d take the chance to show I’m about (albeit in spirit only) … I’m now having second thoughts about getting out of bed …

If you’ve called/txt’d/msn’d or whatever – I’m not ignoring you – well I am, but not because I want to …

Waitin’ for the Po’ Po’

One of the highlights of my latest trip to the UK was attending a gig in Hyde Park. ‘Hard Rock Calling’ headlined by The Police (Last UK appearance) and featuring such talents as The Bangles, Starsailor and KT Tunstall (who bloody rocked!).
I failed to take any pictures, however, my trusty sidekick did bring his digital snapper and captured some great stuff. I’ll post some more over the next day or so, in the meantime, here’s the ‘DreamyTeam’ …

Waitin\' for the Po\' Po\'

Foo Fighters – Wembley Stadium 2008-06-06

I’ve been on the boards today trying to get a gist of what attendees thought of the show last night. For some reason, there are a lot of disappointed patrons. Dunno why, this gig has to be one of the best I’ve attended. 86,000 in Wembley Stadium singing along with Grohl during ‘Stacked Actors’ has got to be a high point. His control of the crowd was as brilliant as ever, especially when he suggested that the Foo’s head home, make a new record and come back to Wembley in six months.

‘The Pretender’
‘Times Like These’
‘No Way Back’
‘Cheer Up Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)’
‘Learn To Fly’
‘This Is A Call’
‘Long Road To Ruin’
‘Stacked Actors’
‘Skin And Bones’
‘My Hero’
‘Cold Day In The Sun’
‘But Honestly”
‘Monkey Wrench’
‘All My Life’
‘Big Me’
‘Best Of You’

Support bands were Against Me and the awesome Supergrass.
Whilst Wembley is a state-of-the-art facility, you really need to be in the thick of it to enjoy a Rock Concert. The tickets that I purchased sat us quite near the back of the stadium, however, we were approached by an ‘Area Manager’ and asked if we would like seats by the Royal Box. Of course we accepted and ended up being seated directly in line with the stage with a great view amongst some of the more lively members of the audience.
All in all, a bloody good night … I might try and nab another ticket for tonight’s show from a scalper… we’ll see how funds manage….

Summer Gigs

I’ve managed to get tickets to Foo Fighters and The Police for this summer. Bit chuffed about it too. The Foo’s are playing Wembley Stadium – awesome, and The Police are playing Hyde Park … I’m thinking about attending one of the festivals too, just can’t decide which line up I prefer…

Simon emailed me on Wednesday to tell me he was going to the Hyde Park gig, I got straight on to Ticketmaster and secured my own ticket and then let Offen know that the gig was on. I also told him about the Foo Fighters gig but I don’t think he’ll be able to make both. I Give Binna a shout and see if he’s up-for-it and he says he is, so I go back on to Ticketmaster and manage to get him a ticket for the seat right behind my own. Quite lucky I reckon…

I spend the afternoon mucking about with iTunes and getting some old archived mp3’s back into the iPod. The problem with having a small capacity machine means that a lot of time is spent changing playlists and such, hopefully the iPhone 2nd gen will come with a massive storage facility so that I can invest in that instead…

I get to the pharmacy and fill my much needed prescription. I ran out of some stuff about 2 weeks ago and my body is bucking like a bronco with what seem like the D.T’s. It’s not pleasant – it ranges from cold sweats, hot flushes, insomnia (what’s new?), dizziness, forgetfulness, lack of appetite and the worst thing of all, severe shaking. I down one of the pills straight away but within an hour I am feeling so ill I have to go to bed. Whether it was getting the pill finally or whether I came down with something else, I don’t know – I just know that I felt like death and went to bed at 6.p.m not to awake until 4 p.m. today.
I still don’t feel 100% but I’m okay to force down an omelette and a cuppa and watch some TV.

Sunday November 19th, 2006

Crap. Cal lose to USC which means the Rose Bowl has to wait another year. The last time The Golden Bears got there was 1959… sheesh.
I watched the game until its conclusion at around 5.30 this morning. The first half was pretty encouraging, but it all went pear shaped in the 3rd quarter, and like me during the 4th Cal fizzled out… Two bottles of red will do that to you.
I’m awake at midday, which is bloody good for me, although I can’t take any credit – the wine was a sleep aid this time.
I don’t have a hangover persay, but the wooliness, blurred vision and shite-like taste in my mouth is as close as one gets to being hungover without actually being hungover.
My brain activity just recently has been taking me near to breaking point, so instead of laying in bed and soaking up laziness, I’m out and at Lu to see if I can find a .flac version of the Foo Fighters Hyde Park gig. I don’t find it, but I do find a gig from August in Boston that has some rave reviews.
I have got an MP3 version of the Hyde Park gig and it’s awesome quality. A .flac version would enable me to burn a lossy CD and get the amp up with the sub going… just thinking about it loosens the bowels…
Thinking about the gig takes me back to the summer. That day out in London was one of the highlights of my year, I wish I’d got a decent digital camera but unfortunately I only had my 1.3 mega pixel cam phone on my Moto. The pictures are okay but not great quality. I’ve posted a selection here mainly to test the Lightbox slide show script as the pictures are available elsewhere on the blog.

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Mouseover image or press N to move forward and P to move back.


In January of 1998 I got tickets to see self proclaimed Swedish Indie band, Kent. I got the tickets with my then girlfriend in mind who, being a Swede and into ‘Indie Rock’, was more than just excited about seeing the band. Probably the biggest thing in Sweden since IKEA, Kent had been owning the Swedish charts for a number of years. They had their fan base and they had a ‘Hate Base’ too, which was rather interesting. You see, I met my then girlfriend through my now best friend. In a drunken, flu based haze, I offered a strange dude a sofa to use whilst he looked for something better, to which he readily agreed – but that’s another story. He is part of the ‘Kent Hate Base’ – I don’t know where it stems from, probably the same place that the dislike of manufactured bands comes from among the Indie Guitar Rock clientele that rome England.
Living with a Kent lover and a Kent hater wasn’t filled with as much static as you’d hope, but there was a little tingling every now and then. Anyway, I’ve got these tickets right..?
Kent were playing ULU, with support from a then unknown band. This band were introduced to a relatively lively crowd inside ULU, mainly students drinking cheap cider, and they came on and pretty much destroyed the joint. My review of the gig afterwards was mainly based around this new English band that had, in my opinion, obviously pulled their inspiration from Radiohead. But at the same time managed to sound totally awesome – why weren’t they signed?
Today, their sounds can be found on pretty much any decent radio station in the world, their operatic rock and ear crunching guitar anthems are recognizable in an instant. Songs they have written turn up in movies and TV shows. Just yesterday I’m watching the final tear jerking episode of this years Doctor Who and a little known album track is playing in the background.
I have every one of their CD’s, but for some reason have never thought of seeing them live again. So I thought to myself, with their new album gracing the charts at the moment, they’re bound to have a tour lined up. I hit Muse.mu and check the tour dates to find that I’ve missed the gig in Stockholm by a couple of days – not only that, they played Stockholm Stadion – the home ground that hosts my best friends footy side. I think he would have been up for it too … another ironic entry …

Hit Muse.mu for a selection of tunes from their latest CD

Foo Fighters – Hyde Park

We wake up fresh and ready to get going, the tube journey into town is totally uneventful, but on arrival at Hyde Park Corner station we are greeted by an overwhelming number of ticket touts. We bypass these scumbags and head into the park and it’s at that point that I notice that the sun is going to be somewhat of a problem – I can feel my skin prickle with the heat already, and we’re only just hitting midday. I spot some kids sitting in the shade plying themselves with sun cream, so I head over and introduce myself as a lobster in waiting, and they happily supply me with a dose of Nivea.
Janos decides at that point to go back to the bank for some dosh, so I wait in the shade whilst he does so. My ears are turned to the sound of hooves and I look across the street to see a hundred or so Horse Guards coming around the corner.
It’s the Queen’s Birthday celebrations today, and Buck House is just behind the park. In fact from where we queue to get into the gig, we can see large tents are presumably for the guests that will be attending.
I take a few pics of the horses and then Janne comes back from the cash point and we make our way into the park.
At the lake there’s a relatively new bar/restaurant. It sits on the very edge of the water and looks out across the park in pretty cool fashion. We pop in and get a couple of Strongbow’s and sit outside in the sun.
A distant rumble sends our eyes skyward and we catch the next procession of Birthday salutes as a B12 bomber is accompanied by a few Spitfires on their fly-by. This is followed by another few fly-by’s by a number of planes that seem to get younger in their age, until – that is – the Red Arrows scoot in and make anyone that wasn’t watching before, now look up in awe.

I’ll be filling in as much as I can remember of my London trip over the next couple of days. In the meantime, here’s a few pic’s from the Foo’s gig to get on with …




Sound Check

Rockin Nuns

Not Posed!!

Rear View

Click the pics for larger versions … however – they were taken with my PDA, so the quality isn’t all that good.