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Binna and Gone

Dave arrived on Thursday afternoon and the weekend was spent doing various tourist related stuff, including the obligatory visit to Skansen.
Unfortunately the Wolverines were not playing but the new bear cubs were. I’ve got a few RAW pictures that need to be filtered/jpeg’d, once they are I’ll post some.

Sorry for the short post, I’m getting ready for the off. I’m flying to London tomorrow and will be back in a fortnight.


Since getting back I’ve found the pollen to be extremely high. My eyes are swollen today, they itch and keeping them open is a lot of effort. Dowsing them with Optrex doesn’t seem to help and if I’d thought about it sooner, my lenses would probably have been a good idea. My glasses seem to have a ‘bounce’ effect, making my eyes water constantly. I look like a Mongolian … which reminded me…

I’ve posted about Dave (DT) before; he’s the dude that takes his mountain bike to places where he has no business in going, Tibet, Mongolia, etc. Anyway, when I got back the other day, a DVD of his latest trip was waiting for me.
Putting this on helped me forget about my eyes for an hour or so, thanks D. This latest film was so engrossing that I had to watch the whole lot, stills and extras in one sitting. Fascinating stuff. You can check out the ‘trailer’ for the trip here on his MushyPea website, and check out all the photos here.

Jet Lag

I’ve had a strange week. It started off okay, as I told you, I dropped off the Smart at Mercedes on Monday, it was ready Tuesday morning (drives like a dream), I used it to go to see Fredrik for a much needed physiotherapy appointment and since Tuesday afternoon I’ve been pretty much out of it.
Last night was the first night since I’ve been back that I actually used the bedroom for it’s proper use and during the times highlighted in the manual. I was in bed by midnight and although it wasn’t a good nights sleep, it was still a sort of sleep.
I’m up at 5.30 and making a make shift breakfast (I haven’t been out of the apartment for a few days and I don’t have any milk) consisting of oolong tea, crackers and cheese.
After a short session of studying I head out to McDonalds for an early lunch. They stop serving breakfast at 10, so at 10:10 I’m eating a Big Mac Meal with a coffee and reading the local paper.
After that I head round the corner to see if the warehouse that burnt down last year has been sorted. Nisses caught light and caused most of the residents local to it to be evacuated due to noxious gasses. As I round the corner to where Nisses was situated not only do I find that it has indeed been rebuilt but beside it sits the most enormous Electrical Warehouse I’ve ever seen. Media Markt stocks pretty much everything you’d want from earphones to satellite dishes. I spend nearly two hours walking round in a geeky haze drooling at the 70 inch LCD’s, Apple Mac stuff, Digital Cameras and I also rock out on Guitar Hero for a bit too.
On getting home I’m still in the mood for gadgets so I hit eBay with a view to check out the prices of digital cameras. I’m desperate for a new Canon EOS as mine is a little dated (being film!) and find a Rebel 300D with a starting bid of 99.00 … after seeing them in Media Markt for 4-5 times more than that I put a max bid of 111.00 on and then walk away knowing that I won’t win. However, on my return to eBay I find that I indeed won the auction… go figure. I’m the proud owner of a Digital EOS … smoov. Now I just need to figure out how to pay for the bloody thing…

WordPress Plugin: Shutter Reloaded

After suffering major issues with Lightbox and then Slimbox, I’m now trying a plugin called Shutter Reloaded on the blog.

Shutter Reloaded is an image viewer for your website that works similarly to Lightbox, Thickbox, etc. but is lean and mean at only 10KB size. It does not require any external libraries. It has all standard features: resizing large images if the window is too small to display them with option to show the image in full size, unlimited number of image sets, pre-loading of neighbour images for faster display and very good browser compatibility.

It doesn’t have a few gimmicks that were offered with Lightbox but it’ll do until I find out why the plugins stopped working. Anyhoo, to test it out here’s a pic to get on with:

Two Tongues

Sunday November 19th, 2006

Crap. Cal lose to USC which means the Rose Bowl has to wait another year. The last time The Golden Bears got there was 1959… sheesh.
I watched the game until its conclusion at around 5.30 this morning. The first half was pretty encouraging, but it all went pear shaped in the 3rd quarter, and like me during the 4th Cal fizzled out… Two bottles of red will do that to you.
I’m awake at midday, which is bloody good for me, although I can’t take any credit – the wine was a sleep aid this time.
I don’t have a hangover persay, but the wooliness, blurred vision and shite-like taste in my mouth is as close as one gets to being hungover without actually being hungover.
My brain activity just recently has been taking me near to breaking point, so instead of laying in bed and soaking up laziness, I’m out and at Lu to see if I can find a .flac version of the Foo Fighters Hyde Park gig. I don’t find it, but I do find a gig from August in Boston that has some rave reviews.
I have got an MP3 version of the Hyde Park gig and it’s awesome quality. A .flac version would enable me to burn a lossy CD and get the amp up with the sub going… just thinking about it loosens the bowels…
Thinking about the gig takes me back to the summer. That day out in London was one of the highlights of my year, I wish I’d got a decent digital camera but unfortunately I only had my 1.3 mega pixel cam phone on my Moto. The pictures are okay but not great quality. I’ve posted a selection here mainly to test the Lightbox slide show script as the pictures are available elsewhere on the blog.

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Mouseover image or press N to move forward and P to move back.

Red Heaven

Red Heaven, originally uploaded by LoLyfe.

I’ve added a new link to my Flickr page under ‘presence’.
The stuff that’s uploaded at the moment is pretty recent. I had some rolls developed this month and had them put all the prints onto a Kodak CD Whilst they were at it. Cost me a bloody fortune, but some of the pics came out okay.
So, for more stuff like this, hit my Flickr page.



originally uploaded by avolare.

The prints I ordered from Katie arrived from Canada this morning. I’m happy. Although I now have the task of deciding which is the best way to display them. Hmmm.
This is a colour version of a print I ordered. Wish I’d ordered this one too …

Back to being cool …

… not me, my fridge …

Spent the morning chatting with the refrigerator repair man. He arrived just after 9 (usually an unGodly hour for me, but I’ve been a little insomnic of late …), took about 20 minutes to repair the fridge, then we sat on the balcony in the shade chatting. He stayed for a while – dunno why, maybe it was better than work – can’t imagine why though …

All attempts at trying to suss out what’s wrong with the database have failed. So, in the next couple of days I’ll be taking the site down for repairs – I don’t expect it to be longer than a day, but then again …

As the sun dipped over the apartment block opposite, I thought the lighting would be good for some photography. I hit the local pleasure spots in a hope of catching something interesting and caught a music and dance festival by the water featuring some South American .. natives! They were dressed in ceremonial gear and gyrating to heavily laden pan pipe music and it was cool to watch .. for a bit. Then I got stared at whilst I attempted to be artistic with my Canon down at the marina. If the pics come out I’ll post ‘em.

**note: I’m having issues with my home phone again, if you need me it’s probably best to use the mobile …