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Is that an acorn in your pocket, or..?

Autumn is here … almost winter actually. The drastic weather change here on the West Ridge has been a might drastic. In the space of a week, the leaves have changed from green to red to orange to brown to trodden on. And today we have a low cloud deposit – making it wet, dreary and dismal outside. An ideal time to go on vacation!!

Mum’s booked the whole family a trip to Disneyland in Paris next week. Can’t wait, the Little Dude (my Godson, not my .. well, you know…) is going to love it. The Halloween decorations should be out and I can already feel my inner child busting to get out. Well, actually he’s always been out, he’s just playing hide-and-seek with all the other humans…

Mary-Anne (Janne’s better half) had a birthday this week, so I plan to go up and see them tonight or tomorrow. Only a short one this time (I can hear their ‘phew’ from here), I have appointments to keep on Monday and various other things I want to get done before I’m Blighty bound. Mainly laundry.

Autumn also brings an abundance of awesome telly! And if your like me, the sofa becomes your favourite place for the next 4-5 months. Although I have to wait until January for my BSG fix – which sux. But other things that are worth a mention are:

  • Fringe – A welcome return to X-Files territory.
  • Chuck – This happens to Nerds all the time.
  • Sanctuary – An American version of Torchwood – bigger budget, looks OK.
  • Heroes – ‘Nuff Said.
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars – A painted animation extravaganza!
  • The Sarah Conner Chronicles – She will be back!
  • and last but not least,

  • Dexter – sheer genius.

Saturday November 4th, 2006

Up at 4 again, and this after hitting the sack at about 2.30 – still no reply from the Doc as to whether he’ll let me go back on the sleepies.
I’ve had Brothers In Arms – Road To Hill 30 sitting on my desk for ages. This morning, with nothing else to do, I load it up and take a crack at it. Bloody awesome! I really regret not installing this ages ago. I’m a bit of a games snob and usually only install and play stuff that’s Star Wars related. Just recently I’ve been heavily into Lego Star Wars, which not only plays pretty cool, but is funny t’boot!

more later..

LoLyfe Dead Day continues…

There’s something to be said about doing nothing. Well, actually there isn’t much to be said about it at all, but sometimes days come along where lethargy, lack of sleep and the heat combine to make it nearly impossible to accomplish anything.
I’ve missed the day completely. It’s gone. A day from my life that never happened.

Last night I watched a [almost definitely illegal] fan edited version of The Phantom Menace, renamed The Phantom Edit. Which I enjoyed thoroughly, mainly because of the 20 minutes of footage that’s been hacked from it featuring Jar-Jar and Anakin, plus the whole speech where Qui-Gon Jinn explains that ‘The Force’ is a simbient being rather than the Force we all thought it was.
The flick finishes at around 2 a.m. at which point I take my [prescribed] insomnia cure (!!), some pain killers for my back and an anti-histamine to alleviate the still lingering hay fever symptoms. This combination of chemicals should really have put me out – but it didn’t. Instead I sat propped up in bed waiting …

At midday, I put NASN on to catch the latest news from the world of Baseball, watch some Canadian Football and at 3 I realise I’ve missed the F1 race from Germany.
Then I pick up ‘Deadkidsongs’ by Toby Litt, and proceed to read until … 11 p.m.
NASN has been on in the background, I’ve had an ear on the Yankees game and an eye in the book, which I now regret as I feel I haven’t given as much attention to the book as I should have. So I put the book down and make a tea, try and cool down a bit by sitting on the bedroom balcony taking in my neighbours bbq aromas. They’ve got a late night session going on that looks to be a real family do. This makes me pine for Blighty, my own Dad’s bbq’s, being in the garden sipping the really bad Belgian lager he insists on buying and being around the general chatter of the family.

The downside of having a TV in the bedroom when you’re single is the reasoning behind moving out of the room at all. Being unemployed, without companion and without a two ore to rub together makes the lethargy hit hard, well – it does for me anyway. The game has long passed and the next game seems boring in comparison, so I flick through the channels until I find a real blast from the past – Tequila Sunrise … awesome…

Thursday June 9th, 2005

I stay in Söderhamn until last night, I catch up with who I needed to catch up with and all in all, had quite a nice time. I Wish I could have stayed a little longer, there’s a cool party tomorrow that I’m invited to, but can’t make the journey back straight away … too much to do here.

Fucking Nordea cocked up my rent payment last month, so the nasty letter from a debt collection agency this morning didn’t go down too well. Didn’t notice I missed a payment as everything is set up on Direct Debit – obviously this doesn’t work! I Send an Email to complain, but I don’t expect to hear anything from them, bastards.

I finally get to see Fredrik, neck now turns as far as it’s supposed to! Can only fit in one more appointment before I’m off to London again (next week), hope I’ll be able to manage this time – with the new fitness levels rising and my diet taking better shape it shouldn’t be too bad (yeah right!).

I Spend the rest of the day building a new ‘Tracker Skin’ for my A1000, looked on the net for a Star Wars themed skin but couldn’t find one – so doing it myself – it’s actually good fun, although I think I might be edging into geek territory.

DLP? Yes Please!

I finish reading the Stephen Hunter book at about 4 a.m. and then manage to drift off to sleep (despite the clock in the hall) by about 6. Mum wakes me up with a cuppa and tells me that Uncle Mike and Jeff are coming over to see Gran about a TV, so I run Ma to work and measure the gap for the telly when I get back. Unfortunately the TV was waaaaaay too big for Gran’s front room, so she has to decline. Shame, she really needs a new telly.

I finally get around to doing some laundry and also catch up on some email too. Uncle Mike calls and asks if I fancy a movie and a spaghetti tonight – of course I accept, I really want to see his Home Cinema set up in action.

I do a bit of shopping for Gran at ASDA, and whilst I’m there I’m drawn to the DVD section where discs are being advertised at a fiver! I Pick up four, even though I can’t afford it. The classic ‘Species‘, ‘Darkness Falls‘, ‘Ferris Buellers Day Off‘ – another classic, and Jackie Chan’s ‘The Medallion‘ which has Lee Evans in it too. Haven’t heard much about ‘Darkness’ or ‘Medallion’, but for a fiver I suppose it doesn’t matter if they’re shite.

I get to Uncle Mike’s at about 5.30, I just miss Aunty Mal who’s off to college for a glass cutting class. Took Dad’s Star Wars Trilogy box set with me to blood it on the projector and Bose system. I have to say I was absolutely gob-smacked with the clarity of the projector, all the stories and reviews I’ve read about DLP’s is completely unfounded – in this environment it was superb. After dinner we sit down and watch ‘Open Range‘, a Costner film about some ‘Free Grazers’ who are ‘put upon’ by a rich townsman – the plot was a bit samish, but it was still a darn good flick. In fact I’ll probably have a look about for it when I can spare the cash.
Aunty Mal comes back and we sit and chat until gone 1 a.m., another late night for them. I made my apologies and leave them so they can get off to bed.

I might have a job coming up to install a Home Cinema System for a film director. Gonna leave it up to Uncle Mike to do the intro’s and then see what happens …

May the G-Force Be With You !!

I Stay awake all night again, Janne manages about an hour or so before I woke him up to take him to the airport at 4 a.m. I Get him there at about 5.30 drop him off and cruise back to the house before 6.

On my arrival back at 53, Dad decides that he wants to watch Attack of the Clones. So on it goes and he promptly falls asleep. I recline on the chair and watch the film by myself and wait for the Monaco Grand Prix.

The race was soooo cool. The Red Bull car is sponsored by Episode III and the pit crew are dressed as Stormtroopers.

May the G-Force Be With You!

Tracey dropped Mo off at Gran’s so I decided to spend some Uncle time with him – love him to bits.


Okay. Before you read this I should warn there are spoilers included – if you haven’t seen the movie and intend to, skip this bit.

From the Lucasfilm logo to the Splash screen and scrolling introduction the goose bumps didn’t abate. The film launched straight into action, no messing about as our hero’s are out to save the Chancellor from Count Dooku. The opening space battle scene was superb, all action all the way, and the sound was simply awesome – coolness …
Ian McDiarmid totally stole the show, from his first appearance to his transformation into the Emperor he was magnificent. Hayden held his own towards the end, and I felt he made a much better bad guy than a good one. Nat Nat was as gorgeous and sublime as ever but I felt that Mr McGregors English accent was a little forced.
The battle in the lava pit between Obi Wan and Anakin was amazing, the best light sabre duel ever. And the resulting damage caused to Anakin to produce Vader was excellent. It was dark enough to satisfy any Star Wars Geek.
I’d say, all in all, it was the best conceived ending to the saga possible. Lucas did it proud. It’s not touching the original trilogy by any means, but it does at last answer all the Vader questions … Gonna go see it again tomorrow …